finding grace among the rubble

creation in reverse

creation in reverse

meeting you was the opposite
of the big bang; 

here i was, a universe of my own,
full of stars and stardust swirling
around me like a tempest of creation,
so full of everything a girl
could possibly dream of and yet,
somehow, empty, 

too spread out. i’ve always wanted
forever at my fingertips without
fear of spreading myself
too thin.

but now, for all of those grandiose
dreams of extending into eternity,
you have condensed the world into
a single point: namely, the one
where my lips meet yours; 

can’t you see what you’ve done to me?
you’ve taken a galaxy of a girl and
given her something to collapse into.
and now i am a single point of singularity,
of infinite possibility, only waiting for
you to set me alight. 



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