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published works


Published Works

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Palaver Arts Magazine

Palaver Arts Magazine began in 1998 as a student-run print journal and was reborn as an online arts publication in 2016. We’re committed to showcasing the wide range of what USC students create – visual art, literary work, spoken word, mixed media pieces, short film, and more.

My poem eve & paradise was featured in the Spring 2017 edition of the magazine. Here’s an excerpt of it:

i cup the sunlight in my palms &
it burns to the touch. pain has never
felt so sweet & savory like chocolate
dripping down my fangs like fresh grass
& vines & bloodstains.


Inkstay Magazine

Inkstay Magazine is a collection of poetry from poets on Tumblr. Each month, they publish a set of prompts and compile the responses to them in a magazine. They also interview a poet and feature several pieces of their work. I was lucky enough to be interviewed and featured in their December 2018 magazine. Here’s an excerpt of one of the pieces of mine that was featured:

(god is here and he is crying because
i do not want him. i have never wanted him.
i do not want his castles unless there are flowers
and i did not see a single flower among
the pews and therefore did not think
that the vines worshiped him.)

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The Witching Hour

The witching hour: spinning kingdoms from fairy dust and other ways to unmake dreams.

The Witching Hour is a collection of poetry re-imagining fairy tales in a darker light. My pieces feature Briar Rose, the sleeping beauty who needed a prince’s kiss to wake her. I imagine her as more of a monstrous siren who was put to sleep not out of wickedness, but necessity. Here’s an excerpt of what to expect from The Witching Hour:

And then
I locked eyes
with you, and the
horrors that I saw there
froze my heart hollow in my
chest. There was no human there,
only beast, only girl gone wild, only
savagery learnt when the moon
was full. And despite the
blood spilling, I could
do naught but
love you.